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I coach people through the process of discovering life purpose and designing a life of meaning and happiness.

Life purpose, meaning and happiness can often be in short supply in our individualistic, technology-driven world. We can spend time and energy trying to make sense of our lives, but often end up blaming ourselves for our lack of fulfilment, success and unhappiness.

Research is clear: having life purpose brings clarity and a sense of inner harmony. Life can be an exciting adventure when driven by purpose. Forging a life of purpose may not be the easy path but perhaps more than anything else it offers a way of living authentically and meaningfully ; a way of living aligned with what we decide really matters.

Life Purpose Project

Modern life is busy with commitments and responsibilities pulling us this way and that It is all too easy to lose sight of ourselves and what it is we want: essentially our life purposes. This course offers you the chance to remember or discover for the first time what your life purpose/s are and provides you with the tools to make your purposes your reality. Read more ...

Life Purpose Coaching

Many people are excited to have discovered their purpose/s after the Discovery Course and want to make major life changes fast. Coaching offers the opportunity of taking a quantum leap in strategic life planning and guides you through the process of overcoming any challenges you may be experiencing in making your purposes your everyday reality. Read more ...

Nessie Shaw