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Life Purpose Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching is an excellent option to keep up the momentum and consolidate the gains of the Life Purpose Discovery Course. It is also an opportunity to go further with aligning strategic actions for living your life purpose/s. The coaching process enables you to:

  • clarify and review your purposes
  • identify and overcome any obstacles to living your purposes
  • devise and put strategies in place to achieve your purpose/s

Life Purpose coaching is an intensive mix of email and phone communications. You have the advantage of being able to stay in contact with your coach on a daily basis. You have a weekly 40 minute phone coaching session followed up by a weekly email report and coaching email.

There are many advantages to email and phone coaching, not least being the flexibility in being able to engage in the process on your time and location schedule. Email and phone coaching saves a lot of time and money compared to non-virtual coaching.

Cost: $277.00 (incl GST)/month. Click here to book.

Want to talk Nessie about the Coaching? Click here for a free 30 minute phone consultation.


While the Coaching is primarily intended for people who have completed the Life Purpose course, if there are circumstances that do not permit completion of the Course it may be possible to arrange a brief intensive tutorial on the Life Purpose principles. An additional cost of $57.00 (incl GST) would be incurred.

Nessie Shaw