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About Nessie

I am a coach and therapist with a strong background in working with clients experiencing chronic unhappiness and anxiety in the aftermath of difficult life circumstances. Not surprisingly, the magnitude of change and uncertainty following a crisis in career, relationships, health or bereavement is often the trigger for a re-assessment and re-defining of life purposes and life meaning.

about For over a decade I have worked with individuals in private practice and concurrently provided services in mental health clinics devising and delivering programs for people experiencing anxiety, depression and addiction to substances.

As a clinician, with an almost obsessive need to keep learning, I went in search of ever more effective interventions that could help people out of distress and into a happier and more meaningful life.

My search for solutions has led me through many paths of study, and included completing an honours degree in Sociology and Graduate Diplomas in Occupational Health and Mental Health. I also went in search of answers outside the mainstream: I studied NLP, TFT, Mindfulness and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Just recently I took courses with Dr Eric Maisel on the psychology of meaning. Dr Maisel’s research is, I believe, the missing link in many of our attempts to find meaning and our life purpose.

One of the surprising outcomes of my studies was to discover that the problem of experiencing a lack of meaning and purpose was not restricted to people seeking professional help, but was widespread across the community. Many people are struggling everyday: just going through the motions of daily chores, commitments and activities and feeling that life should be “more”.

"Design your
purpose-full life"

The Life Purpose Discovery Course and Life Purpose Coaching is an exciting opportunity to regain meaning and purpose. It is not necessarily the easiest path and requires a commitment to learning new skills and strategies, but the outcomes can be profound and a game-changer.

I love the opportunity to coach people through the process of taking a quantum leap into a life of adventure based on personal values and driven by purpose.

Nessie Shaw